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Setting Anchor Bolts

by on Aug.28, 2010, under Fasteners

Being a steel erector each day can have its pros and cons. For the most part, each erector experiences many of the same issues over and over again. One of those issues is setting the low anchor bolts correctly. Here is some information about setting low anchor bolts the correct and incorrect way.

There are many steel erectors each day constructing very similar structures. Those structures usually have problems that occur with many other projects the steel erector is working on. One of the problems that continually occurs is setting the anchor bolts.

These bolts can sometimes be tricky to deal with. Many times these bolts are set with their tops lower than the elevation they are supposed to be set at. Or the top of the bolt can extend the base plate and not allow full thread for the nut. This can certainly make it difficult, but as you gain more experience you will become better at dealing with these types of bolts.

When the anchor bolt is set low, many steel erectors call that, “short anchor bolts.” The best way of resolving it is by making the bolt longer. Now, you might ask, “how do I make it longer?” Well, the best way of extending the bolt is to thread couplers and weld extensions to the bolt.

Remember that anytime you are doing a correction you do need to consult with the structural designer. Consulting with the designer will help you make sure everything is done according to the designer’s special procedures so it is advised that you do consult the structural engineer.

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