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Sheet Metal Fabrication – Know Facts About It

by on Jul.23, 2010, under Fabrication

There are a number of useful devices and systems that changed our life for the better. Metal fabrication is one of the processes used in the industry. It is basically a process of producing or creating a metal component. It is done by modifying raw piece of material. These materials or metals are processed on different temperatures.Depending on the temperature range, the process is classified as hot, cold and warm. metal fabrication defines different processes. With these processes finished products are formed from sheet metal. Materials or objects that are fabricated and used for machinery and other instruments are daily used objects like automotive parts, computers, paper clips, bolts, automotive parts, nails and many more.

The process or system of Metal Fabrication is not new. It was developed ages ago. In the past hand tools were used in place of machinery tools to fabricate metals. Now various improved and useful technologies have evolved to complete the process successfully. Improved quality tools are created.

Technological advancements in engineering and metallurgy led to the introduction of various improved metal fabricating techniques and tools. These devices and systems are used and developed for industrial and engineering purposes. Different products with different features are created from different techniques.

Various types of products or objects are created during the metal fabrication process. Some of the most common products produced in this process are ventilation shafts, enclosures, metal cabinets, hoods, tanks, exhaust system, prototypes and tanks. Various other industries or sectors, including food storage, food dispensing, communication, computer, automotive, electronics, medical, telecommunication, aerospace, residential, pharmaceutical and construction also use metal fabrication process.

There are different types of sheet metal fabrication processes. These include
* Bending (straining)
* Annealing (heating)
* Cold rolling (shaping metal using rollers)
* Cold forming
* Forging (hammering or pressing)
* Drawing (material is forced into a die to form a cup-like shape)
* Rolling (reducing width of the material)
* Forging (pressing or hammering)
* Spinning (forms axially equal shapes)
* Extrusion (producing hollow tubes or cylindrical bars by forcing round billets via one or more dies)

No matter how small or big is your unit; the main objective should be performing Sheet Metal Fabrication process with perfection. Dedication and patience are two of the important things that help you to make the process successful.

Choosing the right metal fabricator is very essential. You need to keep in mind certain important things while selecting a metal fabrication service. Make it sure that it has stable and organized platform to give the desired layout of the sheet metal.

There are a number of sheet metal fabrication services all across the planet. It is better to opt for the one that produce quality items using latest and improved equipments or tools available in the industry, such as laser, water jet and other cutting edge technology.

If you are searching for a reputed and reliable sheet metal fabricator and laser cutting service, Garrick Engineering ( is the right place for you. They provide quality services with dedication and devotion. They have a team of experienced and efficient metal sheet fabricators who put much effort in providing quality service.

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